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1x Silver Dollar 1878-1935 Morgan Peace $1 G-AU Mixed

1x Silver Dollar 1878-1935 Morgan Peace $1 G-AU Mixed

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This listing is for one (1) randomly selected Silver Dollar dated between 1878-1935. The grades on these coins range from G-AU. The coins you will receive will either be the Morgan design (1878-1921) or the Peace design (1921-1935). All mintmarks are present in this large group. The coins were minted in either Philadelphia, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, or Carson City. These coins are getting harder and harder to find, so get yours now before they are all gone!

Widely considered as two of the most iconic and collectible coins ever minted, collectors have long coveted Morgan and Peace dollars. In 1876, the mint called on George T. Morgan to design new silver coinage for the US. The "Morgan Dollar" that resulted, was extremely popular among the public. Next, the Peace dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisco and struck to celebrate the world peace that followed World War 1. Obverses depict Lady Liberty and the reverses show a perched bald eagle. Millions of silver dollars were melted after the passing of The Pittman Act in 1918, making them even scarcer to find today! Own an affordable piece of history today!


Limit 1 per customer!


 Buy Three (3) coins, we will guarantee a Morgan Dollar as one of your coins in your lot! (Iconic Lady Liberty Design 1921 or before!)

 Buy Five (5) coins, we will upgrade one of your coins to About Uncirculated condition! (High grade example in AU+ condition)

 Buy Fifteen (15) coins, we will upgrade one of your coins to Brilliant Uncirculated condition! (Choice BU example with beautiful frosted luster)

 Buy Twenty (20) coins, we will include a NGC or PCGS Graded Uncirculated Silver Dollar as one of your coins in your lot! (Valued up to $250+).
Note that these specials build on each other. So if you buy 20 coins, you will get all 4 specials included in your order!


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