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1 oz UNCIRCULATED 90% Silver US Coins Bullion Pre-1964

1 oz UNCIRCULATED 90% Silver US Coins Bullion Pre-1964

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An unbeatable silver lot offering like never before! Each lot from this collection is guaranteed to include one full ounce of coins from long ago when U.S. coins were made of silver. But what makes this collection extra special is that every coin has been preserved in beautiful uncirculated condition. The estate that amassed this hoard must have done so long ago when these coins could still be found in original mint rolls and bags.

We have broken down this massive silver coin hoard into smaller one ounce lots which are now ready to be passed on to you at blowout prices! That's $1.15 or more in face value. There are no 40% Silver Halves and no 35% Silver War Nickels in these lots! Just valuable pure 90% silver coins!

These lots offer a great way to invest in precious silver because it is hedging the investment with the coin's numismatic value. The history attached to these coins is just amazing when you think about how they survived so many years untouched! Even when silver fluctuates, uncirculated coins like these hold strong.

Silver is at a 5 year low. Silver was recently at about $50, don't miss the return to $50 or more per ounce! And at this price, there is no reason to wait any longer! Most bullion dealers are not selling at this low silver price or they are sold out.  But we are different.  We are constantly procuring and buying out estates that we are always selling, even at this low price, until we're sold out!

All denominations and many different types of coins are present in this huge hoard. These coins remain unsearched until you open them! They are simply scooped up, weighed, bagged, and shipped! This leaves the possibility for you to find any key or semi-key dated coins, extra high grade gems, or possible errors!


  • Uncirculated 90% Silver Coins in every lot
  • At least one Silver coin 60+ years old in every lot
  • At Least 2 Denominations in every lot
  • At least one lower mintage special branch mint coin (rarer non-Philadelphia mints)


If you buy 2 lots, we will include a GEM PROOF Silver coin in your group! (Special  strike finish minted for showcasing - Up to $20 Value)

If you buy 5 lots, we will include an Uncirculated Mercury Dime in your group ! (Valued up to $30+)

If you buy 10 lots, we will include an AU/Uncirculated Walking Liberty Half in your group! (A very collectable Classic! Valued up to $55+)

If you buy 15 lots, we will include a Mint Uncirculated Silver Peace Dollar 90+ Years Old in your group! (A very collectable Classic! Valued up to $65+)

If you buy 20 lots, we will include a Mint Uncirculated Silver Morgan Dollar in your group! (Highly sought after Morgan Dollar in mint condition! Valued up to $90+)

If you buy 55 lots, we will include an Uncirculated Carson City Silver Dollar in your group! (Extremely Rare CC $1 Coin Minted from 1878-1893! Valued up to $300+)

Note that these specials build on each other!

If you buy quantity 1, you with receive at least 1 ounce
If you buy quantity 2, you will receive at least 2 ounces, and so on.

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