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1 Oz Ounce 90% Silver US Coins Bullion Pre-1964

1 Oz Ounce 90% Silver US Coins Bullion Pre-1964

Regular price $39.50 $24.50 Sale

An unbeatable silver lot offering, price slashed to only $23.50, guaranteed to include one full ounce of pure 90% silver US coins ranging from the 1800's - 1964!!!

We have broken down this massive silver coin hoard into smaller one ounce lots which are now ready to be passed on to you at blowout prices! Thats $1.15 or more in face value. The amazing thing is that every single coin in this hoard is genuine Pre-1964 90% old silver coinage. That means that everything is from before 1965, incredible! Therefore, there is NO 35% War Nickels, or 40% Halves in these lots! Just valuable pure 90% silver coins! 

These lots offer a great way to invest in precious silver! Many of these coins are worth far more than there "melt" value. These coins are in collectable numismatic condition! The history attached to these coins is just stunning! So don't miss out on this exceptional offer. There is a limited quantity available, so why wait?

All denominations and many different types of coins are present in this huge hoard. These coins remain unsearched during the picking and packaging process. They are simply scooped up, weighed, and then bagged. This leaves the possibility for you to find any key or semi-key dated coins, high grade gems or possible errors!

Silver is at a near 10 year low! Silver was recently at about $50, and is now well under $20 an ounce. Don't miss the sky rocket back up to $50 or $100 an ounce! And at this blowout price, there is no reason to wait any longer! BUY TODAY! I have never seen these coins go down in value, but rather up and up and up! Buy one, or buy as many as you desire!


• If you buy Three (3) lots, we will include a .999 Fine Copper Bullion 1 Ounce Round In Your Group For Free! (This is a nice pure .999 bullion investment coin!)

• If you buy Five (5) lots, we will include a Silver Coin 125+ Years old In Your Group! (This is a scarce piece always in high demand! Valued up to $30+)

• If you buy Ten (10) lots, we will include a VERY RARE Silver Dollar Over 90+ Years Old in your group lot!! (This is a very collectable Classic! Counts toward the 10oz total weight. Valued at $50+) 

Note these specials build on each other. So if you buy 10 lots, you will get all 3 specials included in your oder!


The coins are in circulated and uncirculated condition and are in nice overall condition for their age. There are no junk cull coins in this lot. Keep in mind these coins were made 50-100 years ago, so they will show signs of wear from circulation. (Refer to the photos for approximate condition.)

If you buy quantity 1, you with receive at least 1 ounce
If you buy quantity 2, you will receive at least 2 ounces and so on.