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1/4 lb Quarter Pound Old 90% Silver US Coins Bullion Pre-1964

1/4 lb Quarter Pound Old 90% Silver US Coins Bullion Pre-1964

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An Unbeatable Lot Offering Price Slashed Guaranteed to include 1 Full Quarter Pound Of Vintage Pre-1964 90% Silver Coins recovered from the incredible "Silver Dollar Ranch hoard!"

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We are so thrilled to introduce the Silver Dollar Ranch Hoard! I would normally begin such a find with the word, WOW! But wow does not give this hoard justice. We traveled nearly 2,500 miles to Montana once we received the call about this hoard which over the phone sounded too good to be true! When we arrived, we were blown away at what we saw!

We were brought to a small home on the property which was being torn down. The house was built in the 1800's and it showed its age. What we saw next was unbelievable! The small home was pack full of vintage coins and paper money. We immediately saw vintage mason jars filled with coins, sacks of coins, and rolls of coins littered throughout the entire house. If there is a coin heaven, this house is it for sure!

What a great way to invest in precious silver! Many of these coins are worth far more than their silver value as they are in collectable numismatic condition! The history attached to these coins is just amazing considering they are from the time that the US was still on the gold standard! Don't miss out on this exceptional offer, there is a limited quantity available, so take advantage now!

Silver is at a 10 year low. Silver was recently at about $50, don't miss the return to $50 or more per ounce! Most bullion dealers are not selling at the current low silver price or they are sold out.  But we are different.  We are constantly procuring and buying out estates that we are always selling, even at this low price, until we're sold out!

All denominations and many different types of coins are present in this huge hoard. These coins are simply scooped up, weighed, and then bagged. This means they are totally unsearched because this hoard was not sorted by the original owner either.  This leaves the possibility for you to find any key or semi-key dated coins, high grade gems or possible errors!


• If you buy (2) lots, we will include a .999 Fine Copper Bullion 1oz Round in your group for Free!

• If you buy Four (4) lots, we will include a rare Silver Coin 130+ years old in your group lot!

• If you buy Ten (10) lots, we will include a rare Silver Dollar over 90+ Years Old in your group lot!  These coins are in very high demand right now and command a huge premium.

Note that these specials build on each other. 

The coins are in circulated and uncirculated condition and are in good overall condition for their age.  Keep in mind these coins were made 50-100 years ago, so they will show signs of wear from circulation. (Refer to the photos for approximate condition.)

If you buy quantity 1, you with receive at least 4 ounces.
If you buy quantity 2, you will receive at least 8 ounces, and so on.

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