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Sealed $20 Roll Silver Dollars Morgan/Peace 1878-1935 Circ With BU End

Sealed $20 Roll Silver Dollars Morgan/Peace 1878-1935 Circ With BU End

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Wow, one of our best buyouts yet! We secured another huge silver dollar hoard last week. Except this time, all the coins are sealed in 20 coin paper rolls. We bought dozens of rolls from a retiring coin dealer who hoarded them for decades. We will be liquidating all of them here on the store. The rolls we are offering in this batch are the circulated condition rolls that all have a BU end coin. I guess who ever wrapped them back in the day wanted to showoff their best and most lustrous coin on the end! 

A couple rolls were damaged and partially opened, so we opened them fully to see what was in side. We were very pleased at what we saw. A nice mix of Morgan and Peace dollars ranging from 1878-1935. Wide variety of Philadelphia, Denver, New Orleans, and San Francisco mint marked coins present. We didn't see any CC minted coins in the 2 rolls we opened, but there could be some in the other rolls, who knows! As we were told, most of the coins were in circulated condition with the end coin in nice uncirculated condition. Some scarcer dates and some other high grade coins too. Almost all the coins were in nice problem free, original condition! All rolls had exactly 20 coins.

This is a great opportunity to own a roll of 20 iconic silver dollars at a great price. There is a strict limit of 2 rolls per customer. If you are interested in buying more, please give us a call at 571-252-9041 to discuss options. All rolls for sale are sealed and unopened. Of course over the years a few of these big, heavy rolls have loosened a little and you can hear the coins inside, but they all still remain sealed. We're not exactly sure when these were wrapped, but most do look pretty old and the shop owner was in his 90s, so we assume a while ago. Shipping is free and well packaged to keep your rolls in great shape.

Once these rolls are gone, they are gone. Probably forever as we rarely come across deals like this.  Don't miss out on this rare opportunity. Silver dollars are in extremely high demand right now, these will sell out fast. We are pricing them barely over what we normally sell generic low grade peace dollars for, so you can't go wrong. This intro sale won't be around for long. Happy shopping!

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