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Proof & Uncirculated Coin Lot

Proof & Uncirculated Coin Lot

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WOW! You are going to love what we just picked up! We just had a recent estate buy out containing thousands and thousands of older Proof and Uncirculated Coins. Many of these coins have been untouched and unsorted, beyond just since they were hoarded away but clearly never touched at all based on condition!

Each lot will include a Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half, and Even a Dollar Coin! That's a total of 6 Coins! All of these coins are in Proof or Uncirculated Condition. Coins in this mint new condition always bring top dollar! With this buy it now listing you get 6 of them from different years.


  • All coins are either in Proof or Uncirculated Condition
  • All Coins At Least 10+ Years Old
  • No duplicate dates in a single lot purchase
  • At least 1 coin in your lot will be over 50+ years old


  • If you buy Two (2) lots, we will include a coin over 60+ years old in your lot.
  • If you buy Four (4) lots, we will include a Valuable Pre-1965 90% Silver Dime or Quarter in your lot!
  • If you buy Ten (10) lots, we will include a Collectable PCGS or NGC Certified Proof or Uncirculated Coin in your lot!
  • If you buy Twenty (20) lots, we will include a Very Collectable Pre-1965 Silver Half Dollar Coin In Uncirculated Condition in Uncirculated Condition in your lot!
  • If you buy Forty (40) lots, we will include a Very Collectable  Silver Dollar Coin In Uncirculated Condition Over 90+ years old in Uncirculated Condition in your lot!
  • If you buy Seventy Five (75) lots, we will include a .999 Gold Bar (1/2 or 1 gram) in your lot!

Note that the specials build on one another so if you buy 75 lots then you will receive all 6 special bonuses!

Coins You May Receive

The coins in the picture ARE the coins you will receive!! These are NOT stock photos. What you see are the type of items you will get. You will NOT receive everything in the picture.

Wheat Cents, Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, State Quarters, Franklin Half Dollars, Kennedy Halves, Peace Dollars, Eisenhower Dollars, Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Sacagawea Dollars, Presidential Dollars, and more!

All denominations and many different types of coins are present in this huge hoard. The list above gives you an idea of all the different coins that have been spotted in this collection. Each lot will NOT contain every coin listed above, but will consist of a few of the items listed. The more lots you buy the more likely you are to receive some of the scarcer coins in the mix.


All coins are in mint condition at or above 60 points out of 70. Some are gems at or above 65/70.  Most of the PCGS/NGC certified coins are even graded at near perfect 70/70 grades.  Condition is everything with coins. With these coins being in nearly perfect condition, they are likely to appreciate in value and remain a great investment!

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