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1x Pound LB Foreign Coins Unsearched World Lot

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This lot is for at least One Full Pound (16 Ounces+) of randomly selected foreign coins from all over the world dating back to the 1800's! Your coins will be randomly selected from a massive unsorted hoard we recently acquired containing thousands upon thousands of vintage world coins. One pound usually contains around 100 coins give or take.

There are coins from every single continent in this lot and we can't even count the number of different countries that are present in this lot. These lots contain better Euro coins, scarcer Bi-Metal coins, old obsolete coins, uncirculated coins, and even some key dates!

Some of these coins are even irregularly shaped, some have squared edges, wavy edges, 6 sides, 8 sides, and so on. These coins are so fascinating and unique compared to some of the boring US coin designs. The designs are just pure beauty, portraying animals, flowers, and vast landscapes. These lots make as perfect starter collections and/or gifts to family and friends.

These coins are in circulated and uncirculated condition, and they are in great overall condition for their age. There are NO damaged or junk coins in this group, they have already been pulled out.


★If you order 2 or more lots, we will include a Piece Of World Paper Money With Your Order For Free as a Bonus!

★If you order 4 or more lots, we will include a Scarce Silver Foreign Coin With Your Order For Free as a Bonus!

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