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1883-1912 Liberty Head "V" Nickel

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The year on each coin will range from 1883-1912. This coin is one of the most iconic coins from around the turn of the century. These coins are circulated but are in very nice condition for their age. There are no cull coins in this lot, they have already been discarded.



Buy 12+ and be guaranteed a Bonus Buffalo!
Buy 20 and be guaranteed a Very Fine condition V Nickel!
Buy 30+ and be guaranteed an 1883 "No Cents" Type V Nickel!


Story of the 1883 "No Cents" Racketeer Nickel

Because the first 1883 Liberty Head V nickels did not contain the words ‘FIVE CENTS,’ and also because the coins are about the same diameter and look somewhat similar to the then-circulating $5 Liberty gold coin, some people took it upon themselves to gold plate 1883 No Cents nickels and try to pass them off as $5 gold coins! The United States Mint quickly added the words ‘FIVE CENTS’ to the reverse of the Liberty nickel under the ‘V’ to ward off any further counterfeiting attempts.

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