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Indian Head Cent 1859-1909 Old Bronze 1¢ Coin

Indian Head Cent 1859-1909 Old Bronze 1¢ Coin

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This listing is for one of the most iconic coins from the 19th century. Each lot includes 1x Indian Head Cent. The year on each coin will range from 1859-1909. These coins are circulated but are in very good condition for their age. Every coin will have a fully readable date. There are no junk coins in this lot, this hoard must have been pulled from circulation just as the Lincoln cent began in 1909.

These bronze cents are becoming harder and harder to find, so buy yours before they all disappear! These coins will make a wonderful addition to any collection, a reliable investment, or a great gift to give to someone special. Buy several to take advantage of our great bonuses!

Buy 10 and receive a Very Fine condition Indian Cent

Buy 20 and receive a Copper Nickel Indian Cent (scarce 1859-1864)

Buy 40 and receive a Flying Eagle Cent - RARE 2 year only design!

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