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1/4 Pound Old US Coin Estate Sale Lot Hoard

1/4 Pound Old US Coin Estate Sale Lot Hoard

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A huge coin hoard recently bought out is now ready for sale! We have broken down this massive hoard into smaller quarter pound lots which are now offered at blowout prices! The amazing thing is that every single coin in this trunk is at least 55 years old or older. That means that everything is from before 1965, incredible! Each lot purchased gets you one 1/4 pound of old US coins from the lot.

This hoard must have been amassed in the 1950s. I have never seen another collection like this one for sale and I don't know if I will see one again. It is truly one of a kind! There is a limited quantity available, so don't miss out!


• One Full Quarter Pound of coins in each lot

• At Least FIVE (5+) coins over 100+ years old.

• At least FIVE (5) 90% SILVER coins 75+ years old in each lot

• At least one 80+ Year Old SILVER coin

• At least one coin minted during the 1910s, 110+ years old!

• At least one coin minted during World War II

(Made from emergency metals, steel or silver, rare!)


• If you buy TWO (2) lots, we will include a 2000 Year Old Rare Ancient Coin for free as a bonus! (This is a lower condition ancient coin from the lots we sell here for $40!)

• If you order FIVE (5) lots, we will include a RARE Iconic Silver Dollar over 90 Years+ old in your lot!! Counts towards the total weight. (This is a must have Iconic Classic! Valued at $50+)


Indian Cents, Liberty V Nickels, Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters, Barber Halves, Morgan Dollars, Flying Eagle Cents, Steel Cents, Standing Liberty Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Peace Dollars, 2 Cent Pieces, 3 Cent Pieces, Walking Liberty Halves, Shield Nickels, Wheat Cents, Three Cent Silvers, Seated dimes quarters and halves, Early Jefferson Nickels, Bust dimes and halves, Large Cents, Half Cents and so much MORE!!

All denominations and many different types of coins are present in this huge hoard. The list above gives you an idea of all the different coins that have been spotted in this collection. With the history that is attached to each coin in this lot, and the long list of guarantees listed above, this lot is an unbeatable deal. This is one of our best lots!


The coins are in circulated and uncirculated condition and are in nice overall condition for their age. There are quite a few uncirculated coins in this hoard because this hoard was put together so many decades ago. The oldest coins generally appear to be the most circulated. Refer to the photos for approximate condition.

If you buy quantity 1, you with receive at least one quarter pound. If you buy quantity 2, you will receive at least half a pound, and so on.

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