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Estate Lot Old US Coins & Currency Silver Gold (Base Level)

Estate Lot Old US Coins & Currency Silver Gold (Base Level)

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★ Base Tier Estate Lot ★

Over the many years of buying entire estate sales/collections, attending auctions, and even buying out retiring coin dealer's inventory, we have amassed a huge supply of old mixed US coins. There is just an incredible variety of valuable vintage US coins and currency present in this lot. We have broken down this massive hoard into smaller 15-25 item count lots which are now ready to be passed on to you at blowout prices! This package is our base level estate lot. For even bigger lots and bigger savings, be sure to check out the mid-grade and premium level lots. 

One amazing thing about this listing is that every single item in each lot is guaranteed to be at least 55+ years old or older. That means that every item is from before 1965, incredible! Therefore, there is NO "Filler" Modern Junk in these lots period! Some of the coins even date back to the mid 1800's! Many of these coins have been untouched and unsorted, just sitting for decades. And to make this an even more unbeatable offer, I have listed several Guaranteed items you will receive in each and every lot. 


• A Total of at Least 20 Coins or Items In Every Lot

• GOLD In Every Lot

(Nice large gold leaf flakes, view pictures)

•At Least One .999 SILVER Bar In Every Lot

(Individually Stamped Genuine Silver 1g - 8g Bars! Very Neat Bullion Piece)

•At Least One SILVER Coin In Every Lot

(Think of the possibilities!)

• At Least One Coin Over 100+ Years Old.

(OLD! From before 1920)

• One Piece Of Old Collectable US Currency

(Rare Blue/Red/Green Seal Money! Many Iconic bills & silver certificates)

• One Older Coin Made During The 1900's

(Very Scarce Coins! Mostly Indian Cents/V's)

• One Coin Featuring the Iconic Native Indian Design

(Classic Coins with full readable dates! Include Indian Nickels and Indian cents - 75+ years old)

• At Least One Coin Made During the Great Depression

(Made at a time when money was very tight, 1929-1940)

• One Small Grab-Bag Of Old Wheat Back Pennies

(That's 8-11 old cents dating back to the early 1900's)

• At Least One Uncirculated Coin

(High Grade, was never in circulation, 50+ years old)

• At Least One Coin Minted During World War II

(Made from emergency metals, neat!)


Yes you read that right! You will get both Gold and Silver (Bar & Coin) in your lot along with all of the other guaranteed items mentioned above. So don't wait, buy now! It's a No Brainer, you can't lose! NO Two Lots Are The Exact Same!! The Gold included in each of these lots are in the form of large gold leaf flakes shipped to you in protective Gold Vials.

These lots make perfect starter collections, great gifts to family or friends, valuable items to sell at local flea markets or yard sales or as reliable investments. I have never seen these coins go down in value, but rather up and up and up! Buy one, or buy as many as you desire. This is a great way to own 10 fantastic pieces of history. So pick a few lots. You'll be glad you did.


-If you buy Two (2) lots, we will throw in an additional silver coin for free as a bonus

-If you buy Four (4) lots, we will include a Nearly 2000 Year Old Rare Ancient Coin for free as a bonus! (These are rare coins always in high demand! Valued at $20+)

-If you buy Seven (7) lots, we will include a Very Scarce US Type Coin Over 130 Years Old and for free! (These are scarce collector coins! Valued up to $30+ each)

-If you buy Eleven (11) lots, we will include a VERY RARE Silver Dollar Over 90+ Years Old in your group absolutely free!! (This is a must have Iconic Classic! Valued up to $45+)

-If you order Twenty (20) lots, we will include a Stunning Certified .999 Pure 24 karat GOLD Bar for FREE as a bonus!!
(A Truly Exquisite Guaranteed Genuine Gold BAR!! Ranging from .5 Gram - 5 Gram) Valued up to $200)

Note these specials build on each other. So if you buy 20 lots, you will get all 5 specials included in your order!

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