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Commemorative Silver Dollar Hoard - Uncirculated & Proof

Commemorative Silver Dollar Hoard - Uncirculated & Proof

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Hoard of 100 coins just acquired February 1st 2021, new product will sell out fast.

We have just recently acquired a huge hoard of commemorative silver dollars.  These coins are struck in both uncirculated and proof finishes.  Many of these coins commemorate the men and women who fought to preserve the nation and the values for which it stands. American events that changed world history such as the First Flight are also included. Together, these coins attempt to provide a patchwork of history that will continue to be filled in over the years to come.

Although these coins are $1 legal tender, they are not minted for general circulation. Each was minted in limited quantity and sold out quickly.  A $10 surcharge was authorized by Congress for each organization which is why each coin is so expensive, $74 for this year's Law Enforcement Memorial Commemorative.  Thanks to the volume of this hoard, we can offer slim margins at just $49.99.  The silver value alone of each coin is approaching $30 and $50/oz silver is being predicted by many experts this year.

Orders up to 5 quantity will be guaranteed all different coins.


Purchase 2 Commemorative Silver Dollars and be guaranteed one struck in Proof finish

Purchase 3 and receive a bonus Commemorative Half Dollar for FREE


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