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END OF YEAR Blowout Discount Lot (1,000+ Items)

END OF YEAR Blowout Discount Lot (1,000+ Items)

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The time has come! Near the end of each year, we group together tens of thousands of collectible items from our remaining inventory and break them up into 30 huge blowout discount lots. These lots are strictly limited to one per person and they will sell out fast! Each lot will contain at least 1,000 items! Coins, bills, bullion, sets, gems, gold, silver, bars, artifacts, jewelry, documents, etc. We have outlined some guarantees below to give you an idea of what to expect in your ginormous lot. 

  • 1000+ coins/bills/items
  • 25+ silver coins
  • 2 silver dollars
  • 10 other dollar coins
  • 2 silver .999 bullion bars
  • 1 American silver eagle
  • 2 gold items (flakes, small coins, bars)
  • .999 copper bullion round
  • 1 pound unsearched foreign coins 
  • 5 pounds of unsearched wheat cents
  • 30 vintage uncancelled stamps
  • Gems/pearls/stones
  • 20 pieces of old currency
  • 1 large size bill
  • Red/blue seal currency
  • 10 silver certificates
  • 1 confederate note (rare 1861-1864)
  • 1 fractional currency (scarce 150 years old)
  • 1928/34 "funnyback" silver cert
  • 5 proof sets
  • 5 mint sets
  • 2 vintage bank checks
  • 1 original White House document
  • Vintage post card
  • 50 old sports cards
  • 2 pieces of jewelry
  • Multiple rare type coins from the 1800s
  • Dozens of other coins 100+ years old
  • 3 PCGS/NGC certified graded coins
  • 2 indian arrowheads
  • Multiple PROOF coins
  • Multiple Uncirculated coins
  • 1 ancient Roman coin (genuine 2000 years old)
  • Album collection of coins
  • 3 special coin sets
  • & hundreds more!

We probably left out quite a few items, but as you can see from the list above, there is some SERIOUS value in these lots. We buy dozens of massive collections each year from across the USA which allows you to save big. A collection of this caliber would take years to assemble yourself. If we were to sell each item individually, the total lot would probably cost a lot more. Now you have the opportunity to secure one for this great price. This is a special opportunity that will NOT last long. 

The pictures give you an idea of some of the items included. We could not fit all the items in each picture due to the sheer quantity of items. Each lot will weigh in the ballpark of 15-20 pounds or more. These are by far the most unique, most discounted, and most special estate lots we will ever assemble. You get to buy in bulk and take advantage of wholesale volume! The coin market (along with gold/silver) has been sky rocketing, making these coins very difficult to acquire. This is a very rare opportunity, and it only comes around once per year. Once these 30 lots are gone, they're gone!

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