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2013 P&D Native American "Treaty" Golden Dollar $1 Uncirculated Set

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Honor Native American contributions with this low mintage series. This year commemorates the first formal treaty between the United States and an Indian tribe. This treaty was known as the Delaware Treaty of 1778.

The mutual defense treaty allowed American troops to pass through the Delaware Tribe’s land to attack the British fort at Detroit, Mich. Under the treaty, the United States recognized the Delaware Nation’s sovereignty. The treaty also offered significant insight into the later process of incorporating tribes into the federal system. Article VI of the treaty gave the Delaware Nation the option of joining other tribes in the Ohio region to form a state with the Delaware Tribe at the head to become part of the U.S. confederation, with representation in Congress. Although the statehood option was never taken up, it foreshadowed the later acknowledgment of tribes as partners in the federal system.
  • Receive two coins, Philadelphia Mint “P" and Denver Mint “D”
  • Both in Brilliant Uncirculated condition
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