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2012 S Proof Native American "Trade" Golden Dollar $1

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Honor Native American contributions with this low mintage series. This year commemorates the significance of the horse during the 17th century.

Of all the goods traded throughout the continent, the horse, spread by Indian tribes through Native American trade routes, is perhaps the most significant. Thanks to inter-tribal trade, horses had crossed the Rio Grande by 1600. This trade received a massive infusion in 1680, when the Pueblo Revolt released thousands of horses from the mission herds into Native American hands.

The horse became perhaps the most sought-after commodity in inter-tribal trade. The horse’s spread in Native American hands was so prodigious that it became the primary means of transportation and the nucleus of the ranching economy already underway in the western territories.

  • Special proof strike minted in low quantities
  • Minted at the U.S. Mint at San Francisco
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