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1x Graded Silver Dollar PCGS / NGC Morgan Peace UNC O, S, P, CC

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★ 1x PCGS or NGC graded Uncirculated Silver Dollar ★

Every coin in this lot is guaranteed to be at least 90+ years old! There is a nice mix of Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Fransisco, and Carson City minted coins present. The grades range from MS61-MS66. You will get no duplicate coins on orders up to 5. This means you will receive a wide variety of years and grades! Remember, every coin in this lot is in top quality mint condition, so don't wait! Professional third party grading/certifying is very very costly. The fees alone (not including the coin) cost up to $50 per coin, and the wait time is up to 3 months! With our special offer, you get the coins now for a small fraction of the cost!

Regularly  $110 , now Price Slashed over 40% to only $63.50 while supplies last!



  • All coins are 90+ Years Old

(All coins minted between 1878-1928!)

  • Every Coin Is Mint Uncirculated

(Each coin in this hoard is in certified mint new condition! No low grade pieces!)

  • No Damaged or Cull Coins

(No problem/damaged pieces included whatsoever! All pristine examples)

  • All Coins Are Certified

(Each coin is professionally graded by the most prestigious companies in the world: PCGS or NGC. They come in protective certified holders!)

  • No Duplicate Coins On Orders Up To 5

(You will not receive 2 coins with the same date/mintmark in the same grade on orders up to 5! Orders above 5 may have some duplicate dates and types)


Silver dollars are the most iconic and collectible US coins! These coins are becoming harder and harder to find, so buy yours before they all disappear! Remember, these coins are in pristine mint uncirculated condition and guaranteed authentic!



  • If you buyThree (3) coins, we will guarantee a Morgan Dollar as one of your coins in your lot! (Iconic Lady Liberty Design!)

  • If you buyFive (5) coins, we will include a MS64 NGC or PCGS Graded Peace or Morgan Dollar as one of your coins in your lot! (Valued up to $125+).

  • If you buy Ten (10)coins, we will include a MS65 NGC or PCGS Peace or Morgan Dollar as one of your coins in your lot! (Valued up to $200+).

  • If you buy Thirty Five (35)coins, we will include a uncirculated Carson City Minted Morgan as one of your coins in your lot! (Valued up to $500+).

Buy 3 Coins = (1) Morgan

Buy 5 Coins = (1) Morgan (1) MS64 Graded

Buy 10 Coins = (1) Morgan (1) MS64 Graded (1) MS65 Graded

Buy 35 Coins = (1) Morgan (1) MS64 Graded (1) MS65 Graded (1) Carson City Morgan

Buy 70 Coins = (2) Morgan (2) MS64 Graded (2) MS65 Graded (2) Carson City Morgan


Notice that these specials build on one another!