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1x 1909 V.D.B Lincoln Wheat Cent

1x 1909 V.D.B Lincoln Wheat Cent

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In early 1909, the first Lincoln cents, designed by Victor D. Brenner, were released to the public who waited in long lines to get the exciting new coins. Critics soon proclaimed that the designer's V.D.B. initials on the reverse were too prominent, causing outrage from the American public. 

Just days after the new cent's release, production was halted and the mint struck new coins without the 3 letter initials, creating the ultimate collectible of this long-running series. . You can now own the historic and legendary 1909 V.D.B. – the first Lincoln cent ever issued for 50% off, don't wait! Each coin is in nice collector condition and will be mailed in a protective mylar flips to ensure quality. 



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