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1928-1957 $1 Silver Certificates Old US Currency

1928-1957 $1 Silver Certificates Old US Currency

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This offering is for one randomly selected $1 silver certificate from a mixed lot. The series (dates) on most of these bills are either 1935 or 1957These bills are becoming harder and harder to find, so buy yours before they all disappear! These bills are in nice collectable condition ranging from Very Good to About Uncirculated.

These notes were made at a time were US currency was redeemable in gold and silver from the Government's reserves. One of these notes could be exchanged for a Silver Dollar. These bills are pure Americana and everyone should have a few of them. These are a great way to own a affordable piece of history. They would also make a fantastic, valuable gift to anyone whether young or old.

Buy one, or buy several and take advantage of our generous bonuses. You will never find these in circulation anymore, so get them while you can!


Buy 15, and get one of them upgraded to a rare "Star Note." These were special issued to replace notes that were not fit for circulation!

Buy 20, and be guaranteed an UNCIRCULATED Silver Certificate!  These rare notes come from an original bank pack forgotten and untouched for over 60 years!

Buy 30, and be guaranteed a special 1928 FUNNY BACK Silver Certificate.  This was a short lived and beautiful reverse design, highly sought after by collectors!

Buy 50, and be guaranteed a special 1935 HAWAII Emergency Issue WWII note.  These notes are covered in a "HAWAII" watermark so that in case the island was lost to the Japanese in WWII, the watermarked currency could be devalued.

Buy 100, and be guaranteed a 1923 Large Size Silver Certificate.  These notes are much larger than a standard size bill, this was the final year of the large size design. Highly collectible and very scarce. 

Note that these specials build on one another so buy 100 and receive all 5 specials!

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