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✯ $1 Silver Certificate UNC Lot ✯ CU ~ Consecutive From Pack Old ✯

✯ $1 Silver Certificate UNC Lot ✯ CU ~ Consecutive From Pack Old ✯

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★$1 UNC Consecutive Silver Certificate★

Over the past years of attending huge estate sales and even buying out a few entire estates, we have amassed a large quantity of high grade Silver Certificates. We have broken down our large quantity of them into single lots which are now ready to be passed on to you at blowout prices! Each buy it now will contain 1x Uncirculated CU Silver Certificate. Orders up to 10 will be guaranteed to be in sequential consecutive order. Buy 5 or 10, they will all be in order, buy 25, there will be multiple consecutive runs, and so on. 

All are sourced from original UNC packs. No culls or damaged notes in this lot! 

These notes are perfect for starter collections, gifts, or reliable tangible investments. They are becoming harder and harder to find, so buy yours before they all disappear! This is a great way to own an affordable piece of history. These notes were made at a time when US currency was still redeemable in gold and silver from the treasury.

 Please consider purchasing more than one bill! The listed price for one bill alone hardly covers the extra fees and shipping costs. No matter how many notes you purchase, shipping is FREE. Buy multiples to take advantage of the bulk discounted pricing!


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