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1x Large Cent from Hoard 1793-1857 Copper Coin - Cull Condition

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Each purchase will contain 1x large cent in cull low grade condition from 1793-1857. These coins may have holes, scratches, dents, or other problems. Some of these coins will have dates and some will not. 

These coins make perfect starter collections, great gifts to family or friends, valuable items to sell at local flea markets or yard sales or as reliable investments. These coins are becoming harder and harder to find, so buy yours before they all disappear! Remember they are genuine US coins from over 160+ years ago! Imagine the stories these coins would tell if they could talk. Without any problems these coins sell for upwards of $40, so you save quite a bit buying one here with some problems that lessen the numismatic value but add to the history that these coins saw while in circulation.


• If you buy Five (5) coins, we will throw in an .999 1 Ounce Copper Bullion Round for free as a bonus!!

• If you buy Fifteen (15) coins, we will include a Draped Bust Large Cent as one of your coins in your lot! (This is a very rare coin from 1796-1807! Valued up to $70+) 

• If you buy Twenty (20) coins, we will include a Classic Head Large Cent as one of your coins in your lot! (This is a tough type minted from 1808-1814! Valued up to $35+)

Note these specials build on each other. So if you buy 20 coins, you will get all 3 specials listed above in your order!

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