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1x US Gold Coin $2.5 $5 $10 (P,S,CC) Pre-1933 Bullion

1x US Gold Coin $2.5 $5 $10 (P,S,CC) Pre-1933 Bullion

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This listing is for one randomly selected US minted gold coin minted between 1849-1933. All denominations are here, including $2.5 $5 and $10 Gold Pieces. Absolutely no tiny $1 Gold Coins in these lots. Some of these gold coins even date back to the early 1800's! We have broken down this massive hoard into smaller 1 count coin purchases which are now ready to be passed on to you at blowout prices!

One amazing thing about this listing is that every single coin is guaranteed to be at least 85+ years old or older. That means that every coin is from before 1933, incredible! Therefore, there are NO Cheap Modern gold coins in these lots period! And to make this an even more extraordinary offer, I will guarantee there to be NO damaged CULL coins in these lots!

There are some incredible gold coins in this collection! Some date back to the early 1800's, and others weigh almost a half ounce. You will receive 1 coin from this collection. You could receive anything! Imagine all the stories these coins could tell if they could talk! Each purchase = 1 US Gold Coin. No two coins the exact same included in orders up to 10.

With the value of vintage gold coins on the rise, and the long list of guarantees listed above, this lot is an unbeatable deal. This is the best value of any randomly selected US Gold Coin listing on eBay Guaranteed. WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE YOUR GOLD US COIN!



• If you order Right Now, we will include some Genuine Alaskan Gold Nugget Flakes as a bonus!

• If you buy Two (2) coins, we will include a gold coin over 100+ years old in your lot as one of your 2 coins! (Scarce! From before 1919)

• If you buy Four (4) coins, we will include a Gold Coin In About Uncirculated+ Condition in your lot as one of your 4 coins!

• If you buy Six (6) coins, we will include a Scarce Gold Coin Over 150+ Years Old in your lot as one of your 6 coins! (Old! Made before 1865)

Make sure to buy multiples! Once you purchase these coins in numbers, you start to see some big savings! There is no reason to buy just one coin, when you can buy multiples and save big!

The coins are in Circulated and Uncirculated. The coins are in terrific condition for their age. Most grade Very Fine or better! No coins will be in damaged or cull condition. Condition is a big deal with coins. With these coins being in nice condition, they are likely to appreciate in value and remain a great investment.


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