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Old Mixed Currency Lot Gold/Silver Certificate Red Seal

Old Mixed Currency Lot Gold/Silver Certificate Red Seal

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An Unbeatable Lot Offering For under $75 Guaranteed To Include SILVER CERTIFICATES, $2 BILL, LARGE SIZE NOTE, UNCIRCULATED MONEY, STAR NOTE and SO MUCH MORE!

Earlier this year we bought out a huge vintage currency collection! We have broken down this massive hoard into smaller 10 item count lots which are now ready to be passed on to you at blowout prices! One amazing thing about this listing is that every single item in each lot is guaranteed to be at least 40+ years old or older. That means that every item is from before 1979, incredible! Some of the pieces even date back to the 1800's! And to make this an even more unbeatable offer, I have listed several Guaranteed items you will receive in each and every lot. 


• A Total of at Least 10 Bills In Every Lot

• One Piece Of Large Size Currency

(Rare Find! Many Old Ones From The Early 1920's. Valued up to $50)

•At Least One "Star" Note In Every Lot

(These scarce replacement notes are always in high demand!)

• One Rare Old Red Seal Two Dollar $2 Bill

(You Rarely See These! Old Red Seal Money From the 50's and 60's!)

• At Least One Bill That Was Once Backed By Gold or Silver

(Scarce Classics! Bills include Silver and Gold Certificates)

• At Least One Bill Printed During the Great Depression

(Made at a time when money was very tight, 1929-1940)

• At Least One Bill in Brilliant Crisp Uncirculated Condition

(High Grade, was never in circulation, Very Desirable)


Yes you read that right! You will get all of those guaranteed items mentioned above. I know all of those great items in one lot all for under $75 sounds impossible and it almost is, but I am willing to offer it as long as supplies last. So don't wait, buy now! It's a No Brainer, you can't lose! You will NOT receive everything shown in the pictures. Because it is such a huge lot, I can not pick out specific bills or dates for you. 


• If you buy Three (3) lots, we will throw in a Higher Denomination Bill!
(Bill is either a $10, or $20 note!! Rare high face value bill! Valued At $30-$40+)

• If you buy Five (5) lots, we will include a Piece Of Confederate States Currency! (These Bills are incredibly rare! Printed by the Southern States over 150+ Years Ago!! Valued At $75+)

• If you buy Ten (10) lots, we will include an Ultra Rare GOLD Certificate! (Ultra Rare Piece Of History! They were once backed and traded in for Solid GOLD Coin!! Valued At $200+)

Note these specials build on one another, so if you buy 10 lots, you will get all 3 specials listed above!


The bills are in circulated and uncirculated condition and are in nice overall condition for their age. Most of these bills were in circulation, so keep in mind they may show some signs of honest wear and use.  (Refer to the photos for approximate condition.) If you buy quantity 1, you with receive at least 10 notes. If you buy quantity 2, you will receive at least 20 bills and so on.

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