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1x Mint Set from Mixed Lot 1953-2008 In OGP - *Possible upgrades*

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★ US Mint Sets 

WOW! We just had a recent estate buy out containing thousands and thousands of older Mint Sets. Many of these coins have been amassed, untouched, just sitting in their envelopes for decades. Most years are present here from 1953-2008! We have broken down this massive hoard into smaller 1 count mint set lots which are now ready to be passed on to you at a blowout price!

One amazing thing about this group is that every single mint set is guaranteed to be at least 15 years old or older.  And these mint sets have no major scratches or cracking in the plastic. They are all in great condition inside their Original Government Packaging.

Most of these mint sets are vintage clad sets from the 1970's and 1980's. There is also a handful of mint sets in the hoard dating back to the 1950's and 1960's as well. Some of these older sets are 90% and 40% silver with low production numbers making them very scarce. There will be no duplicate sets on orders of 1-10 quantity.

These sets are fantastic! We have had so many happy repeat customers. Each set is different, so we obviously can't guarantee certain sets in every lot, but we ship out lots like this often. Don't miss this opportunity!



The sets are in good condition for their age. Some envelopes are in above average condition. (Refer to the photos for approximate condition.) 


• If you buy Two (2) lots, we will include a Mint Set Over 20+ Years Old in your group as one of your sets!

• If you buy Five (5) sets, we will include a Mint Set over 40 years old containing a scarce Dollar coin!

• If you buy Ten or more (10+) sets, we will include a very collectable 40% Silver Mint Set over 50 years old! 

• If you buy Thirty Five (35) sets, we will include a VERY RARE Pre-1965 90% Silver Mint Set!! (Rare set from the 1950's or early 1960's! Valued up to $50+)

Note these specials build on each other. So if you buy 35 sets, you will get all 4 specials included in your order!

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