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1 Old Ancient Bronze Coin Roman Greek BC Money 2000+ Years

1 Old Ancient Bronze Coin Roman Greek BC Money 2000+ Years

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We recently acquired a massive mixed hoard of authentic ancient coins from the Roman, Greek, & Byzantine empires! We have broken down this collection into single pieces which are now listed for sale at blowout prices! Each buy will contain one (1) scarce ancient coin in nice collector condition about 2000 years old! Free shipping on all orders over $20 + a free bonus silver dime with every order!

These coins were minted from approximately 500BC to 500AD! Imagine the stories these coins have to tell. Keep in mind these coins are old, so they won't be in perfect condition. Some may be dirty or lightly corroded, but every single one will have an identifiable design! Some display old emperors, pharaohs, gods, war scenes, and myths. Each and every coin is guaranteed 100% authentic by our team of numismatic experts!

Buy 3, we will include a VF Grade ancient coin valued up to $35
Buy 5, we will include a Silver coin valued up to $45 
Buy 10, we will include a Greek Coin valued at $60
Buy 15, we will include a Zeus Coin valued up to $75
Buy 20, we will include a Large Silver Coin valued up to $100
Buy 40, we will include a NGC Certified Silver valued up to $150

Note these specials build on each other! So if you buy 40 coins, you will get all 6 special upgrades listed above! Be sure to purchase any of our other items in the store to take advantage of free shipping on orders over $20!

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