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1957 1935 $1 Silver Certificates - Old US Money!

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This offering is for one randomly selected $1 silver certificate from a mixed lot. The dates on these bills are either 1935 or 1957These bills are becoming harder and harder to find, so buy yours before they all disappear! These bills are in nice collectable condition ranging from VG-AU.

These notes were made at a time were US currency was redeemable in gold and silver from the Government's reserves. One of these notes could be exchanged for a Silver Dollar. These bills are pure Americana and everyone should have a few of them, and with the holidays right around the corner, these old bills would make a fantastic meaningful gift to anyone!

Buy one, or buy as many as you desire. This is a great way to own a affordable piece of history. You will never find these in circulation anymore, so get them while you can!

Buy 10 bills, and get one of them upgraded to a rare "Star Note"! 

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