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*40 COIN* Complete 1900-2020 Vintage Type Set W/ Album

*40 COIN* Complete 1900-2020 Vintage Type Set W/ Album

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Our best black Friday offer is here! Now is your chance to own every single type of coin minted from 1900-2020. A complete collection of 40 COINS, including 14 SILVER coins and at least 15 uncirculated coins! Order now and get the US type album included as a FREE bonus. At over 50% off, these will sell out fast!

Type collecting is by far the most popular way to collect! Owning one of everything is very exciting. You can see the history of the last century reflected in the vintage coin designs. The coins in between bear iconic images seen during two World Wars, The Great Depression, the Roaring Twenties, the Kennedy tragedy, the moon landing, and the American Bicentennial to name a few. Every coin holds a special story and played a part in history. 14 of the coins in this set are made of silver, which has been sky rocketing in price. Silver coins are always in high demand, and here you get all 14!

This collection allows you to own 40 different type coins from the 20th and 21st century. All of these coins will be in nice collector condition (Good-UNC) with at least 15 of them being in brilliant uncirculated condition! Also get at least 1x PROOF finish coin in each lot. Our team of experts carefully inspects these coins to ensure quality and authenticity. Every single coin is guaranteed 100% genuine! 31 of the coins will be in the album and the 9 additional coins will be in plastic. Assembling this collection yourself could take months or years, if you could even do it. With this rare offer, we've done all the work for you. We have a very limited supply of complete sets, so don't wait. Once they're gone, they're GONE!

Now, for a limited time, you can own this 40-Coin 20th Century Type Set Collection, chronicling the great events of the century in coins, for Just $189. That's almost 60% off the standard price of $449. In addition, if you order now, we will be including the album shown in the pictures to safely display and hold all your new coins for FREE. Dates and conditions will vary, but the pictures gives an example. Order multiples to take advantage of the specials below. They make great gifts!



 Buy Three (3) sets, we will upgrade one of your 6 silver dollars to brilliant uncirculated condition! (Mint condition silver dollar! Upgrade worth $30)

 Buy Five (5) sets, we will include a RARE 150+ year old type coin from the mid 1800s as a FREE bonus! (Iconic type coin 1870 or older! Valued up to $50)

 Buy Ten (10) sets, we will include a RARE 200+ year old type coin from the mid 1800s as a FREE bonus! (Rare early coin 1820 or before! Valued up to $100)
Note that these specials build on each other. So if you buy 10 sets, you will get all 3 specials included in your order!


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